I am Anita Shikles.  I have been a full time artist for over 20 years.  Much of my work is on granite.  I design monuments for over 25 different companies.  This work is permanently etched or carved, and the subject matter is endless.  Most of my work is commissioned.  You can find my art on-line at my website address, face book, and Linked-in, several museums, and endless cemeteries and parks.

Some past Artistic Adventures include co-owning and operating a gallery in Branson, Missouri, illustrations for Grit Magazine, teaching art classes for elementary children as well as adults, doing Egyptian reproductions of Royal Egyptian cubit measuring sticks and Egyptian art, working on large Veteran and personal monuments, and Arts on Tour artist with the Kansas Arts Commission.

Other venues include: Linda Hall Library at UMKC, Maranatha Academy, Turner School District in KC, KS.  Shawnee Mission High School, Springfield Art Museum, Kansas City, Missouri Public Libraries, Originals of the Ozarks Gallery, Bonner Springs Parks and Recreation and Fredonia, KS.

Current Work

A favorite recent work is Legends Gathering—Epic Tales

I started my art career as an illustrator/painter.   Legends Gathering—Epic Tales is an exciting take on Bible History, and includes study of how the people in the Bible might have looked, dressed, and interacted in their time in history.  It was painted from a concept put together by Larry D. Daugherty, ED. D.  Biographical Information: www.getquestions.org  (“used with permission”)   Advisor: Marilyn Daugherty.   Working on this painting has touched me deeply, and I have gained new understanding of humanity in Biblical History.


Artist Statement:  I strive to do meaningful art that will impact humanity and history forever.  From Egyptian re-productions to headstones and monuments, my work tells the story of individual people and people groups.  Please join me in an adventure of art on a new level.