A note from Larry Daugherty

Legends Gathering – Epic Tales Though obviously smiling, laughing, partying on the outside, these 166 depicted biblical legends are also intensely focused inwardly on the story at hand, waiting to speak of their own extraordinary encounters. Imagine dialoguing with someone who lived two or three thousand years before or after you. Perhaps he lived in a fish belly for three days; slew 600 Philistines with an oxgoad; came back from the dead; or wrought a miracle. The most essential feature of the painting is that each portrayed Legend has a unique riveting story based on their profound personal experiences. While all are legends, they have substantial different personalities, backgrounds, character traits, and ambitions. Collectively, God used them to impact their culture and world then as well as ours today. The complimentary book, that accompanies each purchase of a print, identifies the location of each Legend and provides an introductory bio and background sketch.

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