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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

The goal for this sharing space is to bring you inspirational Art forms, including visual arts,

music, writing and stories, and other creative things! There will be instruction for projects, books and articles, musical and visual activities and FUN!

First project is LEGENDS GATHERING-EPIC TALES! The book was inspired through the work of Dr. Larry Daugherty. This amazing concept was put together by information found in the Bible, and biographical information: Dr. Daugherty spent months of study working on the concept.

Imagine being in a banquet hall with people from all through history, and all alive at the same time! All waiting for Jesus to arrive. Imagine the tales of their adventures at their time in history, and the excitement of everyone sharing and hearing at the same time.

I was very excited to have the opportunity to paint the scene! Wow, what a challenge for me! Hours of study went into figuring out what the characters would look like, how they would be dressed for their time in history, and even what might be served.

There are 12 tables on the bottom floor. 10 Legends are presented at each table. On the balcony, there are tables representing 22 legendary women and 12 legendary couples. Melchizadek, King of Salem and Priest of God Most High, is honored with a prominent position.

If you purchase the 16 x 20 print, you will receive the book free of charge. What a deal!

We welcome your comments and ideas. If you would like to commission art by Anita Shikles for your project, please contact me:

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